“Tora Palace" hotel complex is distinguished not only by its attraction, but also its luxurious facilities, a relaxing atmosphere, design or architectural style and a unique location. “Tora Palace” is ideally located just steps away from Poqr Kentron; adjacent to Lovers’ Park (Siraharneri Aygi) and Marshal Baghramyan station. “Tora Palace” could be the best choice for tourists willing to explore Yerevan on foot or for business travelers who want to be close to corporate offices or embassies. It’s also a perfect place for locals in case you want to relax from everyday worries and problems. “Tora Palace” will make the stay of both tourists and locals in Yerevan particularly comfortable. With its modern and elegant facilities “Tora Palace” hotel complex is a prestigious and a comfortable place where you can spend a pleasant stay. For organizing a unique rest, there is no need of long thoughts; just visit “Tora Palace” hotel complex and combine high taste with luxurious and unforgettable vacation. "Tora Palace", a four-storey luxury hotel complex offers its services to you. Here high quality is combined with luxury. You will find here everything you are looking for. Family holidays, business meetings, as well as memorable ceremonies; here all can be organized in one place. In this place you will be able to reveal the attractions of life by the devoted high quality service. So let yourself be pampered at “Tora Palace” and enjoy amenity-filled guest rooms, superb dining, and our spirit to serve. “Tora Palace” offers the following top-quality services; - Restaurant services - Outdoor swimming pool services - Hotel services/Accommodation - Spa center services (will be soon)