The warm style, the high quality service and delicious menu of “Tora Palace” restaurant offers you a variety of tasty dishes from Japanese cuisine for the most particular guests. The exquisite food can easily pamper and please even the savviest costumer. Our chef is ready to satisfy any whim and taste of our guests. The restaurant is unique not only in its appearance and furnishings, but also its cuisine. The cuisine here is a franchise, it is called- Benihana. It’s very popular in all over the world. Latter was founded in New York in 1964. The menu offered by Japanese professional cooks is diverse. There are 101 Benihana cuisines in the world. Benihana cuisine in Tora Palace is the 102-nd. The dishes with their delicate flavor and unique view have already attracted the visitors. The restaurant can place 24 people. One of the advantages of the restaurant is the traditional Japanese teppanyaki. In the Japanese restaurant you’ll be offered 47 kinds of dishes of sushi and teppanyaki.